Since I could hold a pencil, I've been writing. 

In primary school, I wrote stories about my pets, my own version of princess stories, a classroom crush... *grin*

In highschool, I wrote stories about horses, adventures, my Sister...remember that story sis? *smile* However, as strong as the writing hobby was, I still pursued a career in Veterinary Nursing. 

It wasn't until God interveened, moved me out of the city at into a small country town to be a farmers wife, that He resurfaced the writing desire - and gave me the stories. So was born my debut series, each book holding a part of my own testimony, Casts of Silver.

It is my prayer you enjoy the journey these stories take you on and that they challenge, encourage and inspire you.

Casts of Silver is my debut five part book series.

Centered around five youth group leaders, the stories look at very real circumstances young people face without sugar coating consequences of individual actions. However, where is God when problems arise?

Well, He's always closer than you think, and He's always working for your good.

Casts of Silver Series


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Philippians 4:6-7

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